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Though at present we are living away from the dominions of the oppressors and till the unjust rule the world, the Almighty has considered it better for us and our Shias that I stay away from them. But despite this separation, I am cognizant of all your affairs. Nothing pertaining to you is hidden from us. Whenever you experience insults, I come to know of it. This is from the time some of you began to do those acts which were shunned by your ancestors. These people have thrown behind their covenant with Allah as if it had never been made.
We are never negligent in your protection nor are we forgetful of your remembrance. (If our protection and guidance had not been there) misfortunes would have befallen you and the enemies would have destroyed you. Be fearful of Allah and help us (our cause) which will save you from the corruption that has surrounded you.
Soon, clear signs from the heavens will be manifested for you and signs will appear on the earth as well. Disastrous and sorrowful incidents will occur in the east. Thereafter, Iraq will be ruled by people who are completely away from Islam. Due to their vile deeds, the people of Iraq will experience an acute shortage of sustenance. Then after a long time, when the tyrannical rulers perish, the people of Iraq will be rescued from their difficulties. After the annihilation of the tyrants, the pious and the good people shall rejoice.
People from every corner of the world who go to perform Hajj (the annual pilgrimage) will achieve all their desires and get whatever they wish. As per their wishes, their Hajj will be made easy through our worth and position. It will be manifested in our systematic manner.
Thus each of you should perform such deeds that bring you closer to our love and avoid those acts which result in our anger and dissatisfaction. For, our reappearance will be sudden and unexpected when repentance will be of no use nor shall remorse for sinful deeds (at that time) save you from our punishment.
May Allah show you the path of true guidance and by His Mercy bestow you the means of Divine Grace (Tawfeeq).
[Tawqee of Hazrat Vali-e-Asr (a.t.f.s.) addressed to the respected Shaykh al-Mufeed (ra-)]