How can one eulogize that virtuous soul which not only made itself proximate to the source of light but enveloped its entire self within the shadow of that light. This light is not an ordinary illumination but the pure radiance of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) around which that person would circumambulate until he became the possessor of the salutation of the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) to his fifth vicegerent (a.s.).
Yes! Indeed we refer to the exalted and illustrious companion of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.), Janabe Jabir Ibne Abdullah Ansari (r.a.). His entire existence was in the service of the Pure Ahle Bait (a.s.).


The status and position of a believer before his Imam (a.t.f.s.) is equal to the importance and prominence accorded by the believer to his Imam (a.t.f.s.).’
(Kamaaluddin, vol. 2, pg. 400)
The reality of human existence can be grasped from the …


Allah has always been more merciful to His servants. After their creation, they were not left on their own; rather He sent several guides for their guidance. Even today, despite the occultation of Hazrat Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.), He has ensured that the course of guidance is not disrupted. He has made a provision to the effect that some select persons are associated with the Holy Imam (a.s.) who then provide the essential guidance to the people at large. It will not be an exaggeration to state that these select personalities can easily be regarded as Hazrat Salman (r.a.) and Hazrat Abuzar (r.a.) of the modern world. In this period it is through these chosen men that Allah has conveyed the knowledge of the Holy Imams (a.s.) to the people.


If we turn the pages of history we will find numerous examples of personalities who have enlivened Islam through their sacrifices of life and wealth. One such personality is Abu Abdullah Muhammad Haaris Akbari famous as Shaikh Mufeed (r.a.). Mufeed implies the one who benefits others. He was born approximately seven years after the commencement of Ghaibat-e-Kubra in the month of Zilqad, 336 A.H. in the north of Baghdad. Shaikh Mufeed (r.a.) with the help of his vast knowledge passed through various difficulties and welcomed all the obstacles that came his way with a smile. He sipped real recognition from the ocean of Wilayat and quenched the thirst of the followers of Wilayat. He was attached to the infallible Imam (a.s.) and the Shias benefited immensely from him. This man of medium height and wheatish complexion had a ready solution for problems of a religious, ethical and social nature. It is because of this that he had become a thorn in the eyes of his opponents.


In the history of Islam, we find many personalities, who due to their beliefs or propaganda or both, were able to influence the society to such an extent that the common people were carried away by them. Erudite scholars and renowned thinkers too were not exempted. One such person was Abul Mugees al Husain Bin Mansur Muhammi Al Bayzaawi Al Hallaj, a well-known SufI. AI-Hallaj is also known in Persian, Turkish and Urdu literature as ‘Mansur’


A Brief Study of the Wikala Before the Twelfth Imam The Imams faced a critical situation whic was brought about by the Abbasids which forced the Imams to search for a new means to communicate with the members of their congregation. The Imamit e sources indicate that the sixth Imam al-Sadiq was the first Imam to employ an underground system of communication (al-Tanzim al-Sirri) among his community.1


Hazrat Usman b. Saeed (r.a.) was the first special deputy of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) in Ghaibat-e-Sughra. The renowned Shiite scholar, Shaikh Muhammad b. Hasan Tusi (r.a.) records in his illustrious book, ‘Ghaibat’ – Among the companions that the infallible Imams (a.s.) considered as virtuous and pious, was Hazrat Usman b. Saeed-e-Amri (r. a.). Imam Ali Naqi, Al Hadi (a.s.) and Imam Hasan Askari (a. s.) have spoken highly of him and he was their most trusted companion.”
(Ghaibat-e-Shaikh-e-Tusi, pg. 353)