The fact is that if there had been no false claimants of Mahdaviyat the belief of Mahdaviyat would have been labeled as artificial and un lslamic. But since the dawn of Islam there had been a continuous flow of false claimants from among the perpretors of falsehood. They have appeared in various corners of the world.


The belief in Mahdaviyat creates a transcendent, warmth in the hearts of Muslims. As a result whenever the Islamic world is facing calamities, and Muslims become aware of their helplessness, they turn towards that great protector whose advent has been prophesized clearly in the Holy Quran and the tradition of the Holy Prophet (S.A.). History is a witness that whenever the Islamic society has been torn with strife and discord there has risen a person who claimed to he a Mahdi, whom we believe to be the last deputy of Allah and that he would cause Islam to roign over the rest of the religions of the world.