As you are aware, occultation is of two types: the Minor Occultation and the Major Occultation with the former being the foundation for the latter. Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) was martyred in 260 A.H., within 5 years of the birth of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) in 255 A.H. Immediately after his martyrdom, the soldiers of the Abbassid Caliph surrounded his house. They were in search of his son, who was his successor. These historical incidents in themselves are a proof of the danger to the life of Imam Hasan Askari’s (a.s.) son.Occultation was thus necessary for the protection of Imam Mahdi’s (a.t.f.s.) life and for the continuity of the institution of Imamat and successorship of prophethood. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) had already prophesied about this:


Allah has created man for His worship. Even wisdom dictates that worshipping God is necessary for man. Obedience to Him is the best way of thanking Him for His bounties. However, wisdom on its own is unable to establish the method of worship, as this is beyond its limit. Those who relied on their wisdom in determining the methods of worship were deviated. They ended up worshipping someone other than Allah.

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“Mahdi” and “Qaem” seem different but depict interconnected truths, the word “Mahdi” makes manifest the truth that reforming the world cannot be done through a selfmade or worldly reformer, for this such a person is needed whose guidance is arranged by Providence, and Allah has made him Mahdi and responsible for guidance, and “Qaem” points to this truth that, the task of reforming cannot be discharged sitting at home but advent, troubles, tribulations and storms have to be encountered, and combat with the universal commotion of injustice and oppression.


Our responsibilities during the major occultation (Ghaibat) of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) have been dealt with in great detail in the book, ‘Mikyalul Makarem Fi Favaidid Dua lil Qaem’ (a.t.f.s.) by Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Musawi Isfahani (r.a.).


Imamat is a matter of great merit. In fact no other issue in Islam is more significant than the subject of Imamat. Its importance lies in the fact that it’s the only reliable means to reach to the true recognition of Allah. It is only through Imamat that one can obtain the true recognition of Allah and comprehend the manner of worshipping Him.


The Imam or the divine representative is needed not merely for the dissemination of the rules of the Shariah and their compliance. That is, his duty is not confined only to the guidance of the world but the whole creation depends upon him for their existence. If Imam ceases to exist, the entire system would collapse. It is related from Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A.S.) that he stated, “If Imam (A.S.) is absent from the world even for a moment, the earth would suck in all its inhabitants like the stormy sea drowns the seafarers. ” (Ghaibat¬e-Nomani, p. 139, Chap. 8, Hadith No. 10)